Home Computer Networking & Entertainment Center Wiring

Custom electrical can wire your entire home with Cat 5/6 cabling to ensure a solid internet connection. In that same switch we can also run through your home entertainment such as your HDMI cable and or audio cables.

We can install your LED/LCD/ plasma TVs and hide those power & HDMI cords. Looking to add sound throughout your house? Custom Electrical Services can install a completely integrated sound system that sounds great and doesn’t involve huge speakers.

Call us today for a consultation.

Home Appliance Install – Hot Tub & AC/Heater Install

Make sure you hire a professional when your installing a dishwasher, refrigerator, trash compactor, or oven. We will ensure that you have the correct wiring, circuit breakers, and switches to handle the amperage required by your unit.

We can also install the electrical required to heat your hot tub, cool down your home with an AC install, or warm up your home with in wall heaters.

24/7 Emergency Services

Custom Electrical Services is on call for your emergency electrical needs. During our last pacific northwest wind storm our crew worked around the clock to ensure that our customers had heat and lighting. Keep our number handy if you ever need help in a pinch.

Switches & Outlets

Many houses in and around Seattle have old and dangerous switches and outlets. Schedule a consultation for us to come out and discuss how we can replace these switches and outlets with the newest state of the art dimmers and smart outlet/switches that you can control with your mobile device.

In/Outdoor Lighting – LED Retro Fit

Custom Electrical services specializes in energy efficient lighting solutions. Whether you’re looking for pendant lighting, recessed canned lighting or for a custom LED application we can help. Call us if you’re looking to add more overall light to your living room and kitchen or if you’re looking for a way to accent artwork or fixtures.

We also provide custom outdoor living space lighting that will transform your deck and patio. During our initial consultation we will consider all options and recommend the best approach using the best possible supplies and materials for your project.

Electrical Power Panel Installation & Replacement

The electrical power panel in your home is the heart of your entire electrical system. It is vital to insure that your panel has sufficient power to keep up with the growing demand for electronics. Older panels such as Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels have been known to pose a fire hazard. Custom Electrical Services can provide you with an estimate to replace your old panel or increase the amperage for the addition of new appliances.