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Retrofit LED Energy Efficient Electrical Solutions

Custom Electrical Services is a premiere Electrical Contractor providing Retrofit LED Energy Efficient Electrical Solutions for Commercial and Industrial businesses in both King and Pierce County.The introduction of LED applications in commercial and residential lighting has gained allot of momentum in the last few years. The driving force behind the LED lighting momentum is due to their extreme efficiency and longevity. Property owners are fast to adopt the new LED lighting technology because they are able to utilize the new technology to achieve significantly lower their energy costs, cut down on replacement bulb costs, and reduce the presence of hazardous gasses such as mercury.

Lower energy costs:

Extremely efficient LED lights will yield significant energy cost savings every month, immediately. The positive payback period (the amount of time to turn cash positive from energy savings) is the quickest in alternative energy, averaging 2-4 years opposed to 20+ years for solar energy.

Minimize maintenance costs:

LED lighting products are extremely resilient and have a very long service life. Compared to standard florescent T8 tubes, which are rated for 10,000 hours, a LED replacement T8 tube is rated for 50,000 hours, which is over 16 years under a normal 8 hour/day operating conditions! Imagine not having to replace a florescent tube for 10+ years!


LED products are BRIGHT! Besides being extremely efficient, premium LED products like LifeSpec Lighting lights have a very high lumen output, which results in a very well lit and comfortable environment. Retrofit customers can expect a space which is 20-30% brighter than pre-retrofit.

Environmental benefits:

Florescent light tubes operate by electronically charging gasses within the tubes to create illumination. Unfortunately, one of the gasses contained is mercury, which is poisonous to humans and detrimental to the environment. Currently, there are no easy ways to recycle florescent tubes, and often leaking into the environment and water sources via landfills.

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