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Products We Offer

Residential Electrical Services

Power Panel Replacement and Installation

At Custom Electrical Services, we provide complete power panel replacement in Seattle and surrounding areas. We also provide the evaluation to ensure that everything is safe and meets the code requirements.

Our pricing for panel replacement starts at about $1895 and is dependent on a few factors including grounding and bonding, as well as whether the service meter and mast will need to be replaced. We provide free estimates and provide quality services.

Give us a call if you are looking to add a circuit breaker for a new hot tub, add a kitchen appliance, or need us to ground your outlets.


Smart Switch and Outlet Installation

With complete home automation, Custom Electrical Services can update your home with new smart switches and outlets throughout. You can choose from various options including smart switches and outlets powered by Google, Siri and Alexa.

These devices can be controlled with a remote. You can change the color of the light, control the brightness, and turn the power off or on with just a touch of a button.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

As a certified Tesla charger installation contractor, Custom Electrical Services is specialized in the installation of all-electric vehicle chargers. Our pricing depends on the power panel capacity as well as the distance from the panel for the desired charger location. We can help you find the best charging option from the ones that we offer. Some of these include the NEMA outlet or other Level 2 wall connectors.

Custom Electrical Service

Hot Tub Circuit installation

As a licensed electrical contractor Custom Electrical Services provides you electrical connection for your new hot tub or spa. Our services include additional work to your power panel to the main disconnect and the actual hot tub connection.

We make sure that our work is clean, presentable and also offers a one-year warranty. Trusted by many retailers and homeowners, we provide quality services at affordable pricing.

Please call today for a free estimate.

Custom Electrical Service

Heavy chandelier installation

At Custom Electrical Services, our team is highly skilled in the installation of heavy or complicated chandelier installation. We charge around $895 to $1,295 based on the situation.

We have installed the Crystal Chandelier High Ceiling, which required a precise placement with over 14 different parts.

Custom Electrical Service

Dual 100 amp Tesla Wall Connector Level 2 EV Charger

As an approved Tesla EV wall charger installation contractor, we help install dual-wall chargers. This specific installation makes it very easy for the customer to charge two vehicles at the same time.

Our team at Custom Electrical Services used a 100 amp breaker, installed the chargers on opposite sides of the garage and programmed each wall unit, for maximum charging. The installation will cost around $1,295 to $2,295.

The cost is dependent on several factors including the condition of the power panel as well as the distance of installation from the panel.

We are always happy to discuss each project before we get started.

Custom Electrical Service

Recessed Can Lighting

One of our most popular lighting services is the installation of recessed can lighting. There are many choices when it comes to recessed lighting. The sizes range from 3 inches to 6 inches and color temperature is from 2700k to 5000k.

We also install sloped ceiling recessed lighting as well as wet rated cans for showers or outdoor patio installations. Options include wafer lights or puck lighting.

Trim options could be as simple as a white baffle with LED or incandescent bulb, combo LED trim, or even a smart trim that can be controlled with a mobile phone. The installation costs around $225.

Our team of professionals would be happy to help discuss your specific lighting needs and come up with a custom solution that matches your needs and style.

Custom Electrical Service

Electrical Heating Repair and Installation

Winter weather has finally arrived and Custom Electrical Services is here to make sure that your home stays warm. Our services include diagnosing and repairing heating circuits as well as the complete replacement of baseboard or convection wall heaters. Our team of professionals can help you determine which heating product to choose in order to maximize your energy efficiency and comfort.

Custom Electrical Service

Kitchen Wiring and Lighting

At Custom Electrical Services, we are an expert when it comes to kitchen lighting. When planning your next kitchen remodel there are many different lighting and power options to consider. Most of our customers choose recessed can lighting with low volt under-cabinet LED strip lighting and pendants over the island or peninsula.

When considering power requirements, make sure that you check the amperage requirements for the oven, stovetop, refrigerator, and freezer. Many newer high-end appliances even require two dedicated circuits in order to operate correctly. We charge around $2,295 to $5,999. Our professionals at Custom Electrical Services guide you through a variety of options when it comes to both lighting and power requirements.

Custom Electrical Service

Outdoor Exterior Lighting and Landscape Lighting

At Custom Electrical Services, we offer free estimates. We will come and meet you at your home or business to learn about your needs and design preferences. Whether your focus is on security, curb appeal, creating outdoor living spaces, or all of the above, we'll help you choose the right lighting for the location. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting services.

  • Patio lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Pool & fountain lighting
  • Outdoor living space lighting
  • Landscape & garden lighting
  • Architectural & curb appeal lighting

We are also experienced in installing "smart" landscape lighting such as the Ring or Phillips Hue products. We charge in between $395 to $5,795.

Custom Electrical Service

Automatic and Manual Generator Installation and Wiring

At Custom Electrical Services, we offer both manual and automatic power back-up solutions.

The least expensive and most popular service is installing an interlock kit with 30amp inlet. If your panel has the ability to accept these interlock kits, this method is the most simple and cost-effective way to add a portable generator to your home.

The second service we offer is a manual transfer switch. This switch is compatible with older panels and allows the homeowner to select up to 10 circuits for backup power.

The final solution is the installation of an automatic generator. In case your power turns off, the generator will receive a signal and activate. In turn it will energize the circuits using a fuel such as propane.

The service will cost around $1,095.00 to $10,995. Please call us today to discuss which option is best for you.

Custom Electrical Service

Low Volt Under Cabinet and Toe Kick Lighting

The low-volt under cabinet and toe kick lighting method of lighting really looks amazing and gives the space a very warm feeling. The lighting can be used in addition to your standard lighting in order to brighten up your kitchen or simply lighten your mood.

The LED diode strips are barely noticeable and emit a good amount of light. Please give us a call today to discuss your under cabinet lighting options. The lighting costs around $10.

Custom Electrical Service

Media Wiring Television and Speaker

At Custom Electrical Services, we help with any media installation. From simply hiding the wires and power behind your television to complete surround sound wiring, you name it we will have the electric work done for you.

We have experience with both new construction and closed wall installations. Our work is clean and we only use the best products on the market. All the services we offer are backed by a one-year warranty. The service costs around $395 to $1,295.

Custom Electrical Service

Commercial Electrical Services

LED Retrofit Services - Industrial and Commercial

At Custom Electrical Services, we have a full service LED retrofit team that specializes exclusively in converting existing lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lighting systems. The services cost around $30 to $100.

Converting to LED results in a significant energy discount and provides a considerably higher amount of light into any area which in turn creates a safer environment.

Call us today to discuss your project with our lighting specialist.

Custom Electrical Service

Industrial and Warehouse Commercial Electrical Services

Custom Electrical Services has extensive experience in all phases of commercial and industrial electrical work. We can provide anything from a single circuit for a new appliance or machine to a complete new service. We only use the best materials and provide a one-year warranty for all of our services. The services may cost around $9,995 to $9,999,995.

Custom Electrical Service

3 Phase Commercial Electrical Services

Custom Electrical Services has a crew of professional licensed commercial electricians that can tackle just about any 3 phase electrical project. Our work is clean and always meets updated code requirements assuring safety and a long-lasting final product. The services may cost around $595 to $6,985.

Custom Electrical Service

Multi-Family Homes and Apartment Commercial Electrical

At Custom Electrical Services, we work daily with homeowners, property management companies and contractors. We have recently completed the complete re-wire of The Redmond Eaves Campus. The project included services like lighting for the lobby, pool room, fitness area, and sports court. We have also provided additional LED lighting throughout the parking lots for increased security and safety. The services may cost around $395 to $89,995.

Custom Electrical Service

Daycare and Assisted Living Lighting and Power

We have worked with many business owners who have hired us to convert their home or office into an operational daycare or assisted living home. The electrical services we provide ensure that your facility will meet all code and safety requirements. The service charge may cost around $595 to $12,595.

We back our work with a one-year warranty and can provide references if requested.

Custom Electrical Service
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