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Redmond, WA

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services in Redmond, WA

Custom Electrical Services offers quality electrical installation, repair, and maintenance services in Redmond, WA. We have modern and advanced electrical equipment to diagnose problems in commercial and residential electrical systems and conduct repairs within a reasonable time.

Our expert electrician team is highly reliable for quality electrical work in office buildings, commercial properties, and residential homes in Redmond, WA.

Our Residential and Commercial Electrical Services in Redmond, WA

Electrical Safety Inspection Services

We will perform a comprehensive electrical inspection of your residential or commercial electrical wiring and system. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) classifies electrical issues as one of the main reasons for home fires. Our skilled residential or commercial electricians will examine all wires, components, and systems in your property’s electrical system to ensure you don’t face any risks such as fires or electrocution.

Indoor Lighting Installation

We offer customized indoor lighting installation services to our residential and commercial customers in Redmond, WA. You may want to minimize your energy bills or want to improve your style. You’ll talk to one of our professional electricians who will install your preferred indoor lighting system to serve any purpose.

We’re always ready to fulfill your electrical needs if you need indoor lighting and wiring installation for your office, commercial property, kitchen, bedroom, or house. We can also install LED lights, which are excellent for improving energy efficiency and lowering electrical bills.

Electrical Heating Repair And Installation

Custom Electrical Services will ensure that your commercial property, home, or office maintains the proper warm temperatures during winter. We will install, diagnose, and repair your property’s heating circuits. We can help you choose the right heating product for your property or living space to add or improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Power Panel Replacement And Installation

We can also perform professional power panel replacement services. We’ll send a residential or commercial electrician and the team to evaluate your power panel and determine whether it’s safe and has met all the state’s code requirements. Besides replacement work, we will also help determine whether your mast and meter need to be replaced.

Recessed lighting installation

We will install recessed lighting to modernize your commercial or residential property. Our commercial or residential electricians will help you install recessed lights at strategic points to add decorative components, match your property’s best features, and provide more visibility around your space.

Appliance Circuit Installation

We will connect you with a reliable residential electrician to get a new dedicated circuit you might need if you want to install a major home appliance. We install dedicated circuits in commercial and residential properties to ensure appliances get efficient power.

Lack of enough electrical power is one of the main causes of frequent blowing for breakers and appliances’ failures. We have highly experienced electrical contractors who will deter these incidents by installing the required circuits.

Tenant Improvement-Commercial Electrical & Lighting

We are available to conduct any form of Tenant Improvement (TI) electrical project on a commercial property. We will ensure the work done improves your property’s energy efficiency, safety, and power. Our licensed electricians will work on updating all local regulations and code requirements as well as ensure the services are long-lasting.

Hot Tub Circuit Installation

We will help install a hot tub circuit to have uninterrupted and safe baths in your home or property. Besides your hot tub connection, our service will include additional jobs in your main disconnect and power panel.

Whole-House Fans

A ceiling or whole-house fan is a brilliant alternative to a home’s AC. It is cheaper to buy and operate. We’ve installed many fans in residential and commercial buildings in Redmond, WA. We will install a whole-house fan on your property and enable you to save on energy bills.

Other Electrical Services

  • Smart switch and outlet installation
  • Electric vehicle charger installation
  • Heavy chandelier installation
  • Low-volt under cabinet and toe lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Attic and exhaust fans

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Electrical Contractors in Redmond, WA

Hiring our electrical contractors in Redmond, WA, has many benefits or advantages. They include:

Reliable Services

One of the major differences between our residential and commercial electricians and other professionals is that they’re highly trained and experienced in performing quality and long-lasting services. Our electrical services are reliable; your newly installed or repaired electrical features or systems will run efficiently because of excellent professional work.

Use Of Modern Tools And Equipment

Most electrical problems will need specialized equipment or tools. We have access to advanced equipment, tools, and expertise to deal with any major electrical issue. Modern electrical equipment will help us minimize the time taken to conduct repairs or maintenance and reduce the chances of causing further damage.

Quality Work

We have conducted numerous electrical repairs and installations. Our experienced and fully licensed electrical professionals will perform quality electrical installations and maintenance services. Hiring other inexperienced electrical contractors may force you to pay more for repeat electrical work.

Surety Bond

We’re insured, which means you will be compensated for any substandard work or failure to complete the electrical project or service. Although failure to fulfill your electrical needs is highly unlikely, you will have peace of mind knowing you will not lose any money if any of the above two scenarios occur when you hire our services. You will also not be held responsible if one or more of our commercial or residential electricians get injured during work.

Enhanced Safety

We will adhere to all electrical safety practices and rules when working on your property. We’ve already observed all safety guidelines for years that we’ve worked on in numerous electrical projects. Custom Electrical Services will also provide you with the necessary advice to boost electrical safety on your property.

Why Choose Our Electrical Services in Redmond, WA

Custom Electrical Services provides quality commercial and electrical services in Redmond, WA. Our professional electrical technicians are experienced, committed, careful, and respectful. We will give free estimates for any residential and commercial electrical services you want. All our charges are affordable. We will also provide an estimated time frame for our services to avoid inconveniences or delays during and after our electrical project.

Contact us today for quality commercial or residential electrical services in Redmond, WA