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Renton, WA

Commercial and Residential Electrical Services in Renton, WA

The best electrical contractors will ensure to offer great customer service and effective skills so that your electrical work is up to par.

These local electricians in Renton, WA, are aware that electrical installation, elements like a new electrical panel, landscape lighting, and other aspects are not a luxury but a necessity in the modern age. They will also respond to an electrical emergency to address your electrical needs and do an excellent job.

If you are looking for electrical contractors that aim to serve customers in Renton, WA, reach out to our team at Custom Electrical Services today. We are pleased to have a reputation for providing the highest quality service and quality workmanship in the Renton area. Whether you are dealing with new construction or a recently purchased property, remember that our fully licensed top electricians will offer reasonable rates and conduct a great job in your service area. Contact Custom Electrical Services today.

Commercial and Residential Electrical Services in Renton, Washington

Do you need quality electrical services in Renton, Washington? If yes, then you should give us a call today. We offer a complete suite of commercial and electricity services for commercial and residential properties in Washington.

We have served residents and business owners in the Washington area for a while now. We have always made safety and customer notification our top priorities. Whether you need to make repairs, carry out a full installation or upgrade your electrical system, you can count on us to deliver. We afford timely services, affordable pricing, and expert handling to all our clients. Call us today for a free estimate.

Call a Reliable Electrical Services Provider in Washington Today!

We provide a complete range of electrical services for commercial and residential buildings in Washington.

Our services are:

  • Commercial Services: We are experts in designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems for all types of commercial buildings. We offer electrical safety, security, and energy-saving solutions. Our electricians will help handle wiring, lightning, and any electrical work your business needs. Some commercial buildings we have worked for are offices, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.
  • Residential Services: Our licensed residential electricians can improve your home experience by improving the lighting system, installing home appliances, and performing other electrical services.
  • Troubleshoot and Repair: Are you dealing with power outages and other electrical issues in your home or office? We know how to detect and deal with malfunctioning circuit breakers and unexplained power outages. Give us a call, and we will send a team to troubleshoot the problem and offer solutions that permanently fix them.
  • Powerpanel Replacement and Installation: We offer expert installation and replacement of power panels for offices and homes in Washington.
  • Home Lighting Installation: We offer home lighting solutions that cater to your unique taste, preferences, and budget.
  • Electric Vehicle Charge Installation: Our team of experienced technicians will help create a fast, convenient, and safe charging station in your home at an affordable price.
  • Home Generator Installation: Say goodbye to power outages without state-of-the-art home generator installation services. We offer solutions that automatically switch the backup power in case of a power outage.
  • Kitchen and Bath Wiring and Installation: Call us for your kitchen and bathroom electrical renovations. Our services comply with code requirements and energy-efficient specifications to ensure the best experience.
  • Complete Home Rewire: we offer comprehensive home rewiring services performed by experienced technicians and at competitive prices.
  • Hot Tub Circuit Installation: Our team of licensed electricians will provide the electrical connection to your new hot tub or spa either in your home or business area.
  • Outdoor Electrical Heater Installation: we offer the finest outdoor electrical heater installation in the whole of DC!
  • Home Automation: We provide home control systems to make your home stress free and comfortable. We also offer smart solutions and the installation of a flat-screen TV.
  • Multi-Family Homes and Apartment Commercial Electric: We provide a full range of electrical services to multi-family homes and apartments. Our services include ceiling fan installation, electrical wiring and rewiring, electrical services for swimming pools, security lighting, outlet installation, and interior and exterior lighting. We also carry out electrical safety inspections on multi-family dwellings.
  • Daycare and Assisted Living Lighting and Power: we provide comprehensive lighting solutions for Daycare and assisting living facilities. Our services include installing electrical features, maintenance, electrical safety inspection, repair, troubleshooting, and providing energy-saving solutions and alternative power sources.
  • LED Retrofit Services: Our LED retrofit services are designed to help you save time, money, and resources. Our retrofit solutions are perfect for industrial and commercial properties with a good lighting layout and system but need to vamp up performance and efficiency.
  • Industrial and Warehouse Commercial Electrical Services: We provide commercial properties with electrician solutions to ensure that electrical issues do not interfere with the general portions of the business. We carry out electrical panel installations and upgrades of security and fire alarm systems, motion detection systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, parking features, and many more.
  • Tenant Improvement- Commercial Electrical and Lighting: our licensed electricians can help with panel upgrades, renovation, and construction wiring, installation of energy-efficient systems, electrical services for new lease spaces, and many more
  • Commercial Improvement and Remodel Pro: we offer electrical upgrades for commercial properties. When you are looking to improve the lighting, appliances, electrical features or carry out upgrades, our team of experienced technicians can deliver on the job.

We understand that you need a locally owned provider to account for circuit breakers, light fixtures, and other needs. Call us at Custom Electrical Services today.

Get an Electrical Service Provider You Can Trust

Do you need electrical services in the Washington area? Call an electrical service provider you can trust. Our technicians are trained, licensed, and experienced to deliver all your needs.

Customers’ satisfaction and safety are our highest properties. When you choose our service, you can rest with peace of mind knowing that our electricians will see the job from start to finish. Call us at Custom Electrical Services today.